Menu for the groups

Tomato soup with pasta
Pork chop, puree potatoes, fried cabbage
Carrot cake

Barley soup
Chicken in orange-herbal sauce, baked potatoes, coleslaw
Cheesecake in Cracow
Mushroom cream with puffy pea
Turkey baked in vegetable sauce, potatoes from water, 
Chinese cabbage salad and time    
Gingerbread with chocolate topping
Chicken soup with noodles
Roasted ham in own sauce, last, red cabbage with pears
Ice roulade with fruit
Cucumber soup with rice
Pork and veal lamb meat ball in mushroom sauce, boiled potatoes, 
beetroot fried
Apple cake
Red Borscht With Potatoes
Chicken baked leg , baked potatoes, canned cucumber with onions
Yoghurt cake with fruit
Cabbage soup with ribs    
Chicken in cheese, french fries, carrot salad and peaches    
Poppy seed cake
Onion soup with croutons    
Pork in roast sauce, sliced dumplings, pickled cabbage salad and pineapple   
Cheesecake with caramel
Minestrone soup with pasta
Turkey escalope in garlic sauce, vegesy potatoes, spring salad
Capuccino mousse in vanilla sauce
Old Polish soup with egg
Gordon blue cutlet, roasted potatoes, green bean with bacon
Apple Strudel with Caramel
Mushroom cream with puffy pea
Chicken julienne stuffed with vegetables and feta with cranberry, 
jasmine rice, broccoli
Panna Cotta with raspberries
Cream of broccoli and fresh basil with pasta
Beef burgundy, buckwheat, pickled cucumber with red onion
White chocolate cake and malibu
Chicken roulade in forest sauce
Pork loins with brindle and dried tomatoes, truffle puree, bean string duo
Chocolate Pancakes with Orange Cheese
Millefoglie with grilled vegetables and oscypek
Chicken in truffle sauce, risotto, spinach
Semifreddo orange
Salmon terrine with beet dressing and wasabi
Turkey roll with mushroom and boletus, potato gratin, Hawaiian salad
Chocolate mousse in pistachio sauce
Salad with chicken, orange, blue cheese and walnuts
Confid of duck in orange-vanilla sauce, baked potatoes with rosemary