We are very pleased that you have noticed what we have to offer.
Professional organization, surroundings, location and cuisine, all of these combined give a truly special character to our restaurants.


Bruschetta with tomatoes – 140g
Croutons, oil, garlic, fresh basil

Goat cheese in filo dough-140g
Honey, caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar

Salmon tartare – 120g
Capers, anchovy, spring onion, herbal emulsion

Melon with parma ham – 150g
Blue cheese, grapS


Chicken soup with noodles – 300ml
Beef, chicken, lucerne

Tomato cream with pesto toast and mozzarella – 300ml
Pelati, basil, garlic, vegetables

Sour soup with egg – 300ml
White sausage, hunters sausage, potatoes, sour cream

Soup of the day – 300ml


Caesar salad with grilled chicken – 100g / 250g
Salad mix, garlic croutons, bacon, parmesan

Salad Liver Plate – 250g
Mix salad, apple, raspberry sauce, parmesan

Bayamo salad with salmon – 250g
Mix salad, citrus, blue cheese, balsamico

Salad with goat cheese – 250g
Mix salad, sprouts, mango, cherry tomatoes, carmelized onion


Pennette with chicken – 300g 
Oil, dried tomatoes, garlic, spinach, sour cream

Spaghetti with salmon and broccolis – 300g 
White wine, cream, sweet pepper

Black Tagliatella with clams – 300g
Oil, garlic, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, pepperoni

Spaghetti Pomodoro with mozzarella – 300g
Onion, garlic, tomatoes

Main courses

Pork loins with thyme and wine aroma -150g / 350g
Potato gratin, grilled vegetables

Chicken in creamy truffle sauce – 180g / 350g
Jasmine rice, dried tomato, spinach

Duck in soy – lime marinade – 150g / 350g
Sweet potatoes, mango chutney, raspberry sorbet

Roasted goose in orange – delicacies sauce, truffle puree,
baked apple with cranberries

Pork Cutlet -150g / 350g
Potatoes puree, fried cabbage with mushrooms

Buckwheat Kaszotto with porcini mushrooms – 300g – gluten free option
Oil, garlic, spinach, beetroot


Texas Burger – 160g / 350g
Grilled beef, tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce, whisky sauce
Stekhouse fries

Pollo burger – 140g /350g
Grilled chicken, white mozzarella, dried tomato, sweet chilli sauce -350g
Stekhouse fries

Fish and seafood courses

quinoa, broccoli, orange aioli

Fresh Mussels in sour cream sauce with gorgonzola and leek – 300g
Oil, garlic, white wine, sour cream, leek, garlic croutons
Ask for availability

Fresh Mussels in white wine – 300g
Oil, garlic, pepperoni, parsley, white wine, garlic croutons

Baked trout with almonds – 350g / 450g
Grilled vegetables, potatoes vegesy, garlic butter


Tiramisu – 140g
Caramel, amaretto, chocolate trio

Apple Pie – 180g
Caramel, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cinnamon

Chocolate cake Wiliams-140g
Cherrys, cardamom, chocolate

Cheese cake – 180g
Chocolate, salty caramel, walnuts